Rear Facing Child Seats

Even though Government advice in the UK is to turn children forward-facing at 9 months, many experts and other European countries, such as Scandinavia, recommend to keep your children in rear-facing child seats until they are 4-years-old.

It is five times safer for children to be in rear-facing child seats than forward-facing. A child that is forward-facing in a frontal impact is thrown forwards and caught by the harness. This puts a lot of stress on the child's neck, spine and internal organs. Children under the age of 4-years-old are not fully developed and their skeleton is still growing. The spine is very soft and has not solidified into bone, meaning that the neck is vulnerable to the forces it is subjected to in a car crash.

If the child is in a rear-facing child seat during a car crash, the child is pushed into the back of the seat and the force is distributed along the whole seat, this takes the stress off the child's neck, spine, and internal organs.

Recaro remains at the forefront of child safety seat technology.

Below is a list of rear-facing child seats that are available:

Recaro Young Profi

RECARO Young Profi Plus

Like its big brother, the RECARO Profi racing shell, the continuously adjustable, robust RECARO Young Profi plus baby shell - despite its light weight - provides optimum safety for your child in the car. The comfort padding, ergonomic foam, ergonomic carry handle and practical rocker function ensure guaranteed fun for large and small. Can be fastened in the vehicle using the RECARO Isofix system or the 3-point harness.

For more information on the Recaro Young Profi Plus, CLICK HERE.

Recaro Polaric

RECARO Polaric

The RECARO Polaric offers another plus in terms of safety: The fold-away floor support made of stable metal ensures additional hold of the child restraint seat. The child restraint seat is fixed with the vehicle Isofix locating points. Using two belts at the rear of the RECARO Polaric, it is additionally secured at the front seat of the vehicle and fixed using a latch fastener to the backrest.

For more information on the Recaro Polaric, CLICK HERE.

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